Web Content Writing

A web copywriter will ensure your site has a clean, clear message.Did you hire a content writer to develop your online site? Or did you write the content yourself?

Wait, let’s step back a minute. Maybe those are not the first questions we should be asking. Why? Because many businesses today spend far more time focusing on social media than they do on their websites. If that’s you, then you may have gotten ahead of yourself in promoting your website.

After all, just like you ensure your retail shop, receptionist desk or other brick-and-mortar aspect of your business is tidy and welcoming, you must also ensure your website is prepared for visitors. And its content—and how you present that content—is key.

Unsure whether your website passes the test? Check out whether it is offering these elements:

  • Good Design

Flash elements may look cool, but they aren’t necessary for most sites. Instead, focus on keeping your site clean and easy to read. Don’t confuse them with too many elements that may distract them from your site’s main goal: to make sales.

Similarly, make sure your website looks up-to-date. If you haven’t updated your site in at least two years, it’s time to do some remodeling.

  • Easy Navigation

Design every page with as little clutter as possible. That rule is doubly important for your home page. A clean home page allows for easy maneuverability as a visitor clicks through your site.

  • Up-to-Date Contact Info

Even if you have a contact page, also include your actual physical address and phone number. Many people today are wary of email spam. They often don’t trust the contact forms on a site. And they won’t trust you if you hide behind your website and aren’t upfront with that information.

  • Opt-in Form for Email Collections

If you aren’t offering visitors a chance to sign up with your site, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. Whether you send them a monthly newsletter, a free report or just a notification of your annual clearance event, you need their email address. So offer them the option of providing it. You’ll be amazed at how many do!

  • A Clear Call-to-Action

What exactly are you selling? If a visitor can’t immediately tell, he or she is likely to click away before you even have a chance to engage with them. Ensure that even the most cursory glance will see immediately who you are and what service or product you provide.

If you are in the process of rewriting your current website or developing a new one, Gina Kellogg can provide web content writing help:

  • Website home page customization
  • Website subpage or interior page content
  • Website SEO (search engine optimization) content
  • Website-related blog writing.

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