How I Ended My Floral Frustrations–and Saved Money, too

By Gina Kellogg Wanna know what frustrates me? Wasting money. Drives me nuts when I realize I could have saved a few bucks by making some silly, little, extra effort–like searching for a coupon code before I hit the “Buy” button. Or not using a coupon that I have been carrying in my purse for weeks. […]

How to Create a Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

By Gina Kellogg I recently got married, and being a creative type, I decided to design my own bouquet for the wedding. That project inspired me to write about the experience to help other brides who might like to do the same. Check it out on my FloristChronicles blog if you or a bride you know […]

Flower Power: Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

By Gina Kellogg Sure, we all like having flowers around because they look pretty. And we all are familiar with the longstanding tradition of the husband in the doghouse who brings home some blooms to help say he’s sorry to the wife–so flowers can serve a purpose, too. But did you know that real-life science has […]

A New Purse Vs. a Dozen Bouquets? I’ll Take the Flowers.

Research conducted at top educational institutions reveals the emotional and behavioral benefits of flowers and plants.