Marketing Communications & Collateral

Marketing communications takes many forms, such as direct mail.Marketing communications takes many forms. Whether you are focused on direct marketing, niche marketing, adding QR codes or sending to qualified leads, your goal is the same: make a sale.

You can use a variety of marketing collateral to pursue this goal. (Marketing collateral is that collection of materials that many people typically associate with the overall effort of marketing—items such as advertisements, brochures and fliers.)

But marketing also consists of less direct efforts. For example, it can be a press release written in the form of an article to subtly showcase your product or service (while also educating or entertaining the reader). It can consist of your company blog addressing industry topics. And it can include the actual text of your website’s pages, subtly written to ensure your site shows up appropriately when search engines deliver results to customers looking for businesses like yours.

No matter which type of marketing you need, the words are what ultimately convince your buyer to pay attention. Sure, a slick format, high-end paper and expensive photo shoots definitely have an impact, too. But the words are what informs the buyer to make a decision.

Gina Kellogg creates marketing communications that provide that type of persuasion. Her favorites are customer success stories (sometimes called case studies or project profiles). These specialized pieces of marketing magic truly showcase the benefits of a business’ product or service. But brochures and web copy are other key ways Gina helps her clients win over potential buyers.

Whatever tone and voice your business uses—whether humorous, witty, sophisticated or authoritative—Gina can create a marketing piece to fit your needs.

Other marketing communications tools with which Gina can help you include:

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