Editing Services & Proofreading

Editing by a pro ensures your content is professional.Editing services performed by a professional can take your written content to new levels of comprehension and sophistication. Take the case of one client. After Gina edited just one document, she wrote, “Good Lord! It’s amazing how the new structure and your verbiage has taken my companies’ code of ethics/guidelines to the next level!”

Yet, clarity is just one benefit to hiring a professional editor. An even more substantial advantage is that of improving your image.

Too often, businesses’s reputations are damaged by the poor organization, emphasis, grammar, punctuation and spelling in their marketing materials and sales letters, on their websites, in their emails and on their blogs. Often, these companies don’t even realize how poorly customers and potential customers view them because the individuals who write  the error-strewn content can’t see their mistakes. While they may believe their materials are polished and presentable, the prospect is losing all trust in that company’s professionalism and ability to deliver quality.

Gina aids those who don’t have her specialized editing service skills by making sure their documents focus on the most important information. She tweaks the content to include all the key points, while editing the verbiage to support those points. Plus, of course, she makes sure it’s clean, concise and error-free.

Gina’s expertise stems from years of experience editing technical materials, magazine articles (both consumer and business-to-business/trade), association/nonprofit materials, websites, marketing collateral and a variety of other written content.

Her editing services include four levels:

  • Proofreading. Corrects only indisputable errors. Checks for misspellings, typos and incorrect punctuation. Fixes grammar, such as subject-verb disagreement, errors in word usage, etc.
  • Copyediting. Checks style and consistency. Ensures manuscript conforms to appropriate styleguide (APA, AP or Chicago). Crosschecks within content for references, figures and tables. Suggests syntax improvements without substantively changing copy. Ensures consistency in formatting, including titles, subsection titles, type faces and type styles (italic, bold), and parallel construction in lists and headings. Fact-checks for common information.
  • Substantive editing. Detailed, line-by-line editing that tightens and polishes the text. Performs previously mentioned tasks along with minor changes. Suggests what content to delete, rearrange, reword or rephrase to eliminate wordiness, potential confusion, jargon and cliches. Suggests clearer phrasing. Points out gaps or contradictions.
  • Developmental (complex) editing. Works with the author from an early stage to develop the manuscript. Provides suggestions on format and organization of content. Advises on revisions, rewrites or reorganizations.
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