SEO Copywriting (for Effective Search Engine Optimization)

SEO copywriting ensures search engines will find your website.SEO copywriting has become more important as search engine algorithms look at a variety of factors in ranking a website. Today, you must pay attention to the “trust” factor of your website. You must ensure you offer quality, unduplicated content to maintain your site’s “authority.” Heck, you even have to watch your “reputation” (that is, the words others use in their links to your site).

But none of these factors detracts from the continuing importance of  optimizing your web content with keywords and keyword phrases.

Today, then, to ensure the highest quality SEO copywriting, your keywords and phrases must:

  • Flow naturally through your content. Readers should never be aware that you are promoting certain verbiage in your content.
  • Not appear too often. Experts suggest that keywords and phrases represent no more than 5.5 percent of the total words on the page.
  • Be bold. That is, on their first appearance, keywords should appear  in bold-face type.
But keywords alone don’t make for top-notch SEO copy. The most important pages of your site also should include:
  • A bulleted list. Content highlighted this way gets extra attention from the search engines.
  • Regular hyperlinks. Specifically, include these links evenly and for every 120 words of body content.
  • An early hyperlink. Placing one at the beginning of your body content supports the link’s importance to the page.

Most importantly, however, the quality of your content must be unequalled. It must be compelling, interesting, educational and surprising. When you achieve that? Your readers will want to tweet about it, link to it, bookmark it and mention it in their blogs. Those actions are the true measure of fully optimized web content.

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