3 Reasons Case Studies Are the Superheroes of Marketing

Case histories are effective marketing tools.

Credit: Xurble on Flickr

By Gina Kellogg

Case studies don’t resemble any superhero with whom you are likely familiar. They don’t wear capes or have the ability to fly. But they can save the day when it comes to your marketing efforts.

That’s because case studies have powers beyond those of traditional marketing tactics. So, as this summer’s blockbuster movie season kicks off, I’ve decided to give homage to the mighty case study using a comparison to the ultimate Man of Steel: Superman!

What, then, makes case studies so super? They are:

1) Faster than… a white paper at describing your business successes.

Granted, white papers also do an admirable job of providing lots of details about how your product or service can help customers. But white papers tend to be 10 to 12 pages long (with about five to six of those detailing the specifics of the experience). So, at only two to four pages, a case study gets the tale told in a jiffy.

2) More powerful than… brochure marketing at persuading potential customers.

Brochures are the opposite of white papers–they don’t offer enough information to be truly persuasive. Plus, their need for fancy graphics and expensive paper can make them expensive in terms of the ROI this marketing tool delivers compared to a case study. Case studies, after all, require only limited design and can describe your customers’ real-life experiences whether they are on a matte or glossy finish.

3) Able to leap… to increased sales via compelling, relatable stories. Customers who read case studies find themselves relating to the individuals in the stories. They can imagine being in the same situations, facing the same problems and making the same decisions. Plus, when prospects read about real-life customers’ successes, those prospects develop a higher regard and level of trust in your business. And that leads to a much higher opportunity for you to close a sale.

Case studies can’t save the world, but when a business uses them as a part of its marketing communications arsenal, they’ll discover a much greater chance of generating more leads and increasing sales.

Have you had success with case studies? Describe your experience in the comments below.

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About the author: Gina Kellogg is founder/principal of The Success Story Pro and Hott Cornflakes Communications. Get more from Gina at Twitter (@Gina_Kellogg and @SuccessStoryPro), Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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