Newsletter Writing and Design (Print and Digital)

Newsletter writing is an art form in creating mini article masterpieces.Newsletter writing may seem like a task for which you don’t need a professional. After all, so many businesses now publish their own newsletters via today’s easy-to-use technology. But just because someone writes a newsletter doesn’t mean he or she is a newsletter writer.

In reality, newsletter writing truly is still an art. It requires the creation of mini articles that not only include all the facts but do so in a compact format that contains compelling content. Why is brevity so important? Because studies show that readers spend an extremely limited time reading newsletters—often less than one minute.

Do you have the time to spend crafting your newsletter’s content to make sure it’s exceptionally:

  • Concise and creative?
  • Factual and fascinating?
  • On target and on time?

Whether you need someone to perform newsletter writing for a print version on an e-version, you need to work with someone skilled at this type of content development. If you can find someone who can also design and edit your newsletter, even better, because that person can then ensure that the content fits the template while also allowing space for eye candy—such as colorful photos—which are the first thing to attract readers’ attention.

Lucky for you, Gina Kellogg is skilled in all of these areas. She has a background in newsletter writing, editing and design from her work with a national custom-newsletter publishing firm. As its managing editor, she determined the appropriate content, its writing, its editing, coordinating photos and illustrations and even overall design. Today, she brings that experience to aid clients in delivering attractive and appealing newsletters to their customers. Newsletters are one of her specialties—and one of the projects she likes best!

Check out some samples of her newsletters. Then contact her about working on your next newsletter project.


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