Magazine Writing

Magazine writing includes articles on company's success stories.Magazine writing may seem like a dying art. After all, everyone laments that print publishing is an industry on its last legs, right?

Well, not entirely.

Newspapers have definitely been hit hard by the Internet’s offerings, but not magazine publishers. While some magazines certainly have bit the dust as readers migrate online, new magazines continue to appear regularly. In fact, magazine publishing is one area of print that is thriving.

Niche markets, in particular, are where most of today’s best magazine writing is found (as opposed to the general-interest consumer magazines so popular in the past). In fact, business publications that focus on specific industries are growing at the fastest rate of all magazine types. Today, you’ll find a magazine for nearly every specialized interest:

  • From dirt bikes to dry cleaning
  • From frozen foods to fashion fetishes
  • From crochet to concrete.

Gina Kellogg specializes in writing for these niche pubs. She’s worked as a magazine writer on numerous publications in a variety of industries, so she understands what a magazine editor wants. (Hint: She wants an article that is ready to go, needs no editing, has a great intro, weaves in fascinating facts and includes artful interviews. How does Gina know this? Because she’s been a magazine editor, too.)

So, what do you need? Are you an editor looking for a writer? Or are you a business looking for a magazine writer to develop an article you can submit to a magazine? Gina has handled both types of assignments and is adept at each.

To see examples of the breadth and depth of magazine articles Gina’s written—from case histories/success stories, trade show follow-ups, technical how-to explanations and more—check out some samples of her work.

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