DIY Marketing Tips

Internet marketing advice is abundant on the web.Internet marketing tips are abundant. Everybody and his brother online seems to offer advice. Problem is? So much of the information is overly detailed and so full of technical jargon you can’t understand!

But take heart! I’ve focused on many of those topics in a series of blog posts aimed at helping you better understand how to promote your products and services online. I’ve compiled those topics here to give you easy access to them.

Grammar/Writing Tips: How to Improve the Content on Your Site
Marketing Tips: How to Attract Traffic to Your Site
Web Content Tips: The Importance of Great Information on Your Site
Social Media Tips: How to Use Social Media to Market Your Business
Media Tips: How to Handle Interviews/Reporters
Advertising Tips: Why It’s Important to Get the Word Out

I’m always adding to the content, so bookmark this page as a “favorite” on your computer. Then, when you are in need of marketing ideas on how to kick-start business, refer back for additional tips and suggestions.

Have an idea for a marketing topic I haven’t covered? Send me a note and let me know! I may be able to use your question as the topic of an upcoming article.