The art of copywriting is a skill acquired with experience.Writers are not born. They are made.

They are made from honing their craft over time on a variety of communication platforms.

That’s what Gina Kellogg, CEO of Hott Cornflakes Communications, has done throughout her writing career. She has spent time as a journalist, a magazine editor, an editorial manager, director of communications and editorial director. These roles have provided her with the experience to fulfill a wide range of writing needs for her clients.

Specifically, Gina’s experience includes:

  • Writing Education. Gina initially pursued a degree in journalism from the prestigious William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kan.). Her interest in K.U.’s English courses, however, accrued her so many credits in that field that she eventually added an English degree to her J-school pursuit. She graduated with both degrees in four years with honors.
  • Writing Experience. Gina began working in the trade-publishing field immediately upon graduation. Working her way up the corporate editorial ladder, she moved from editorial assistant to editor on a variety of trade and business magazines. She eventually branched out into related fields, including newsletter publishing, association management/publishing and editorial consulting. Gina’s experience proved valuable in starting her own business.
  • Writing Expertise. Today, Gina focuses on helping niche industries with their editorial needs, particularly content writing and case studies/success stories. Her background as a journalist gives her the ability to draw out the unique benefits of her clients’ products and services to subtly tell a story that captures customers’ interest without using obvious sales techniques. Her ability to learn quickly about an industry has made her an expert in understanding key concepts about her clients’ needs and developing marketing materials that induce customers to learn more and make purchases.

Gina also is adept in social media. She started her professional writing business when social media was just beginning to make a significant impact on the marketing world. That timing allowed her to grow and develop with these new communication efforts. As a result, she naturally became accomplished at understanding concepts related to SEO (search engine optimization), keywords and web formatting. She was also an early adopter of Twitter and Google+. Her knowledge of these areas continues to develop as the technology changes.

Personal Life

Gina lives with her husband in Overland Park, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City. Her interest in humanitarian matters, particularly concerning children living in poverty, is a motivating factor in her life and ambitions.


To review her full CV, visit her LinkedIn profile.