Links I Like

Below is a list of some of my favorite sites run by friends or clients. You should check them out. You never know what type of imaginative ideas they may inspire in you!


Florist Chronicles

Florists deliver happiness! To help them in that endeavor, this website provides information they can use to improve their businesses. Plus, a lot of the information is of interest to everyday consumers of flowers. (As the former editor of a magazine for florists, I developed a longstanding passion for the industry. My work for this website supports the florists I got to know so well and improve an industry in which I have a great deal of interest.) Check it out here.


Flower Chat

Helping florists behind the scenes, this website gives these specialty small-business owners the forum in which to share information, trade ideas and solve industry dilemmas. (I get to help by serving as the community/social media manager.) It’s a treat to work with individuals with such enthusiasm for what they do. Check it out here.


The Robstan Group

You’re probably a member of some type of association, but you probably don’t have a clue about the myriad details involved in running that group. This company helps by offering management skills and support staff to a variety of associations all over the country. (My connection? I’ve consulted with them as publisher/editorial director of the magazines The Robstan Group develops for many of its association clients.). Check the company out here.



Thinking about starting a drug-screening program for new or current employees? This company is the world leader in high-tech, supersophisticated equipment and services. Some of the largest employers in the nation rely on them to ensure they have a safe working environment for all their employees. (Like their website? Thanks! I wrote a huge portion of it! Plus a lot of their marketing materials!) Check it out here.


Resort + Recreation magazine

Knowing how to successfully own and manage a resort is killer hard. This magazine provides instructional and inspirational articles to guide these dedicated workaholics. (I help by consulting and writing the occasional article.) Check it out here.


Enhance magazine

This health and wellness magazine is not currently being published. But the online issues are still available, and they offer a variety of great information for anyone with an interest in improving their overall life. (Look for my byline as your perusing these issues. I loved writing for it, so you’ll see my name on a lot of the articles.) Check it out here.


Just a Bite of Yours

Deliciousness wrapped in a mouth-watering morsel! That’s what a friend of mine delivers in her cupcake bite and cupcake pop business. When you see her goodies, you won’t be able to resist making an order yourself. Check it out here.


Lindsey Jones, Singer/Songwriter

She started singing with a Kansas City band of 30-year-old men when she was only 13, blowing the socks off everyone who heard her. Now she’s an accomplished singer/songwriter with a slew of great tunes that you’ll find yourself playing over and over again. (Did I mention she’s my niece? Yeah, I’m pretty proud to say that!) Check her out here.