Content Writer for Hire*

Copywriters Like Gina Put Words to Work for You

(*Gusto, versatility and smarts? Free of charge.)

Hiring a content writer? A copywriter? A blog writer? A success story writer? Smart move! After all, while you undoubtedly are an expert in your field, you’re probably not an expert writer.

Which is, of course, how you ended up here.

How do you choose the writer to handle your project? Well, you need someone who:

  • Gets it.
  • Doesn’t dawdle.
  • Makes your life easier.
  • Avoids hounding you about the little stuff.

But what if the person you hire is  more than a content writer? What if she is also a journalist? An editor? A communications director?

Gina Kellogg is all of those things. She’s also a social media specialist, a marketing counselor and sage promotional advisor.

To top it off, Gina’s got years of experience in the publishing industry. She’s covered a wide range of industry and business niches. And that background gives her a special edge you won’t find with other writers.

So, what’s your project? Click on the links below or “Services” to learn more about Gina’s offerings in each area:

Then give Gina a call or send her a note. Let her handle what she’s good at, while you focus on what you’re good at.